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If you’ve lost a tooth you may be considering the option of a dental implant to restore your full smile. Permanent implants are an optimal solution, but they also require a strong base of bone in order to be successful.

If your tooth has been missing for some time, or simply due to the anatomy of your jaw and sinus, you may have an insufficient base for your implant. In the case of your upper jaw this may require a sinus lift in preparation for your dental implant.

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What is a sinus lift?

To place a dental implant, we need enough bone (width and height) in the jaw. Once your tooth has been removed from your jaw, the bone resorbs and the height of your bone to the sinus floor shrinks. So it may be necessary to raise the floor of the sinus (sinus lift) by adding a bone graft before placing the implant.

A sinus lift and a bone graft are two different procedures, but they go together when doing the sinus lift.

The result is that your implant will be strongly seated in your jaw, so it can deliver all the benefits of a replacement tooth.

The reason this graft is called a sinus lift is because the bone is added below your maxillary sinuses, and by adding bone to your jaw the sinus membrane will effectively be moved upwards.

Our dentists are experienced and skilled at sinus lifts and it’s not an uncommon procedure for individuals who are looking to replace a missing tooth with an implant. The success rates are high and we will always take time to discuss the procedure in detail with you as you decide whether a dental implant is right for you.

For patients who do wish to ease the experience, we are pleased to offer dental sedation options that will make your sinus lift procedure more comfortable.

Not all dental implants require a sinus lift

Due to the anatomy of the upper jaw, a sinus lift is most commonly required when an implant is replacing a premolar or molar on the upper arch. The jaw bone in this area of your mouth is generally less suitable for an implant without a sinus lift, but not all patients will require the bone to be grafted.

Our dentists will be able to understand your unique situation by looking at x-rays of your jaw bone, and we will always discuss your options with you before any commitment is made to treatment.

Full treatment at your general dentist’s clinic

Our dedicated dental team can perform your sinus lift right in the comfort of our Calgary office. This means that you can have the full procedure completed by the same team that will fit you with your new dental implant.

This approach ensures that you always feel comfortable with the members of our team that are working with you, and you’re able to benefit from the accommodating benefits of our clinic, such as our sedation options.

If you’re considering a dental implant to improve your smile, we’ll discuss whether a sinus lift may be appropriate for you, take time to listen and answer your questions, and you’ll be able to make an informed decision about your treatment.

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