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Dental Laser Therapy in Calgary

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Traditional hygiene and dental treatments are often invasive and can cause tenderness, discomfort and pain, but you don’t need to experience that discomfort anymore! Laser therapy is used during our hygiene and dental treatments as a fast and painless way to improve your oral health.

We also treat cold sores at no cost, for patients who visit for regular hygiene appointments.

We know you want to have great results from your dental visit without the discomfort, so let the dentistry team at Alpha Dental Care use simple, quick and effective laser dental therapy during your appointment!

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Our team of dental professionals are experienced in using the latest advances in laser therapy to improve your oral health.

Which dental laser treatments do we offer?

Our modern laser treatment technologies make it easy and comfortable for you to improve the health of your teeth and gums, to effectively treat gingivitis and periodontitis, which will improve your overall health and well being.

This removes significant levels of bacteria residing up to 3mm beneath the gum line. We use LBR alongside traditional cleaning to better care for your mouth and reduce disease-causing bacteria, and the process also stimulates tissue to improve healing. This treatment is entirely painless, but very helpful.

This is a treatment that’s used to remove the diseased tissue left in pockets beneath the gum line and allow your mouth to heal from gingivitis or periodontitis. Paired with proper home care and regular hygiene visits, LAPT will help to maintain healthier gums and teeth.

Laser therapy can be used to improve your long-term oral health, but it can also improve the appearance of your smile. Lasers can be used to recontour your gum line, improving the appearance of your teeth and smile.

If you’re prone to cold sores and have an important meeting, interview or special event coming up, you can get immediate help with laser dental treatment! Within a 5 minute visit you can prevent the untimely occurrence of a cold sore or minimize the duration of an existing sore. The treatment is more effective the earlier it’s caught, so call at the first sign of a cold sore and we’ll take care of you. We offer this service at no charge to our regular patients!

You have options to make your treatment more comfortable

Although laser therapy is painless and non-invasive, our sedation treatment options will help you relax and reduce your stress during any dental appointment.

For over 40 years, Alpha Dental Care has been entrusted by Calgary families to provide compassionate and elevated dental services.  We help people of all ages and levels of health to get the results they want in a relaxing environment.

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