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Gum Contouring and Gum Grafting

Have you ever felt self conscious about your gum line? Maybe your teeth appear small, or you have a “gummy smile”. Or on the other hand, your gum line may seem high and increased tooth exposure may be causing sensitivity.

We offer gum contouring and grafting treatments at Alpha Dental Care to help with these gum-related conditions and the results can help to improve both aesthetics and your oral health.

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Reasons You Might Consider Gum Contouring

Gum contouring can be an excellent cosmetic option if you’re self conscious about the way your gums look. This process will eliminate the gummy look of your smile and you’ll be better able to care for your teeth. After your gums are reshaped you may be better able to floss, which will help to prevent tooth decay at the gum line.

Gum sculpting is performed right in our office and we offer oral sedation options if you wish, to ensure the process is completely comfortable. There may be some minor discomfort after the procedure, but it will subside within a few days and can often be treated with very mild pain relievers.

About Gum Grafting

Grafting is a means of building up your gums in areas where they may be receding or where your roots are exposed. Grafting can help strengthen your tooth and it can diminish sensitivity caused by the exposure of your tooth.

More importantly, grafting protects the roots of your teeth from decay and helps to prevent mobility in your teeth.

We provide all forms of gum grafting for our patients. Our experienced dentists can explain the various methods to you, and how they may relate to your unique condition, to ensure the best possible outcome.

After your gum graft procedure, you may experience some sensitivity and mild swelling that will subside after a few days. However, after you’ve healed from the procedure you’ll realize that your sensitivity to hot and cold will have improved!

Are You Considering Gum Contouring or Grafting?

If you’re considering gum contouring to improve the look of your smile or grafting because you’re concerned about sensitive or exposed teeth, we are here to help.

Our experienced dentists can discuss all of the options for your procedure in order to help you make the best choices for your individual needs. Any questions you have about the procedure, dental insurance coverage, or recovery time can be answered. All procedures can be performed under sedation if you prefer, to ensure your comfort.

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