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Sedation Dentistry in Calgary

Get the Dental Treatment You Need Without the Pain or Fear

You don’t need to delay your treatment any longer. Our dentistry team at Alpha Dental Care understands your fears.

Perhaps you’ve had an uncomfortable previous experience that has led you to believe that all dental treatment causes pain. Or maybe you’ve put off dental treatment and now require more complex work, resulting in additional anxiety. We understand your anxiety and stress, which is why we offer you the option of sedation dentistry in Calgary.

Get the dental treatment you need without unnecessary discomfort or stress. Call us to learn more about having dental treatment while you sleep from the dental experts at Alpha Dental Care.

How is sedation dentistry performed?

Our dental team is here for you. We offer a number of relaxation options for your next dental visit, and you can scale the relaxation level to your desired preference. Whether you’re looking to gently ease the anxiety or sleep through your next visit, we can provide you with your preferred sedation dentistry option.

You can choose from:

Oral sedation with Nitrous Oxide

Relaxation is only a breath away. We offer Nitrous Oxide as a way to relax you throughout your appointment. Although you are completely aware of your surroundings, you are completely relaxed. The effects wear off immediately after the application ends and you can drive right after your appointment and resume all normal activities.

Oral sedation

Take a small pill 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment and remove your anxiety! You will feel significantly less stress and in some cases even nap throughout your treatment. Conscious sedation requires that you make arrangements for someone else to drive you home after your treatment.

Sleep dentistry with Intravenous (IV) sedation

Stay conscious but feel far removed from any stress. You will enter “twilight sleep” with IV sedation. You remain conscious and responsive but have no feelings of concern or stress throughout the appointment. Time passes quickly and patients report having little or no recollection of the procedure.

IV sedation requires you to make an arrangements for transportation to get you home, and to stay with you for 24 hours. You will feel very sleepy after treatment and we recommend that you go straight home and nap. All normal activities, including driving, can be resumed after 24 hours.

We Offer the option of dental sedation
for all treatments

You can receive sedation for any dental treatment,
or hygiene visit, at Alpha Dental Care.

Let us help you improve your dental experience

Our dentists, hygienists and staff know that many people feel stress or anxiety about coming to the dentist.

We have worked with adults and children of all ages since 1973 and are experienced with putting our patients at ease with our qualified and compassionate dental care.

Relax in a spa-like setting and wake up to a healthier smile and gums. Put us to the test... you may even start looking forward to future dental visits!

Smiling women after dental appointment

We put the needs of our patients first. Whether you need emergency care, regular hygiene or a complex dental procedure using sedation dentistry, our focus is to always give you the care and treatment you need as gently as possible.

Worry less and finally get the dental treatment you need!

Call us today to schedule your complimentary consultation and experience the difference using sedation dentistry for your dental needs at Alpha Dental Care.

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