Pediatric Dentistry

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Pediatric Dentistry

Look forward to a dental visit where your child stays smiling, happy and healthy!

Finding the right dental care couldn’t be any more important than when you’re seeking a dentist for your children.

When looking for a pediatric dentist in Calgary, you’ll have many things to consider. How long has the dentist been in practice? How much experience does the dentist have in treating children? Is this a dentist that my child will soon outgrow, or one who can treat them for years to come?

Pediatric Dentist

Alpha Dental Care is proud to have served Calgary since 1973. Our dentists and hygienists are skilled in working with every type of patient, all the way down to the youngest ages, and many of us have young kids of our own!

The majority of our patient base consists of families of varying ages whom we’ve been caring for together throughout the years.

Children have unique requirements when you’re choosing a dentist

Pediatric dentistry for kids

One concern you may have when seeking a pediatric dentist is in how fearful your child might be during visits. You’ll be pleased to know that our staff work exceptionally well with children, offering a fun experience to help even the youngest patients learn how to better care for their teeth.

When you come in with your child they’ll be made to feel very comfortable, as will you, so the attention can be put on assessing their teeth, oral care habits and discussing any concerns with you. Of course, we’ll also spend time answering your questions and ensuring that you have a clear understanding of how to care for your child’s teeth.

Your child’s first dental visit

Your child should come in for their first dental visit by the time they turn two, if not earlier. The first appointment is meant to be a fun and positive experience and it’s important that you don’t wait until issues are present before bringing your child to the clinic.

It’s best if their first visit is entirely pleasant and we call it their Happy Visit. Your child will enjoy riding in the chair, we’ll “count” their teeth and we have a great kids giveaway box for after every appointment. If everything is going well, we may be able to polish their teeth as well.

Simply coming into the clinic at a young age, sitting in the chair and meeting our team can make a difference in your child’s comfort level at future appointments. Of course, it also gives us an early opportunity to look at your child’s teeth and discuss the best practices for caring for their teeth.

We’ll also spend time answering your questions, because we’re sure you’ll have some, and we want to ensure you leave our clinic feeling confident in how to care for your little one.

Some commonly asked questions we hear from new parents include:

Kids dentistry in Calgary
When do we need to start brushing?

Good dental care starts at birth! Gently wiping a clean, damp washcloth over your child’s gums on a daily basis will help remove bacteria and get them used to the process. Once their first tooth comes in, you can use an appropriate toothbrush with water to “brush” the entire mouth, including the new tooth. Toothpaste isn’t necessary or recommended before your child’s second birthday, and this can be discussed at your first appointment.

When does my child need to floss?

Flossing should become a regular habit once they have about half of their baby teeth. Not only is it important to clean between the teeth, but also to teach your child the habit of flossing regularly with brushing.

How often should we brush our child's teeth?

It’s optimal if you get your child in the habit of brushing once in the morning and once before bed.

Is there any way to avoid decay from sugary snacks and juices?

Brushing is the best way to clean teeth to avoid decay. If your child has had a sugary drink or treat they should drink/swish water at the absolute minimum, and aim to brush their teeth as soon as possible, before the sugars reside on their teeth for too long.

Can baby teeth get cavities?

Yes, baby teeth are prone to cavities without regular care, just as adult teeth are. Some children may even be at an increased risk due to their diet, having thinner enamel, and not having well-established oral care habits yet.

Once your child has been to our clinic, they should visit regularly so we can monitor their development and ensure good habits are being formed. We typically recommend a visit every 6 months.

The benefits of family dentistry at Alpha Dental Care

Child smiling at the dentist

One fantastic benefit for patients at Alpha Dental Care is that our clinic offers full service for patients of all ages. Younger patients may find it reassuring to see their parents or siblings visiting the dentist just as they are, and with so many hygienists on our staff, appointments can be conveniently scheduled to accommodate the whole family on the same day.

As the dentists at Alpha Dental Care become familiar with each family member’s dental history, they can work with you to improve the level of care you each receive. Families often have similar habits when it comes to dental care and some issues have genetic correlations that our dentists can look for in all members of the family.

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