Dental Crowns and CEREC

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Dental Crowns and CEREC

At Alpha Dental Care, our team knows how important it is to protect and repair your weakened teeth, to avoid further damage and pain.

We also know that your time is valuable to you. We don’t want you to have to make several appointments just to accomplish one dental procedure.

With that in mind, we offer CEREC computerized custom restoration to create perfectly molded dental crowns right in our office, in one visit!

You can be fitted and walk out with the perfect dental crown, all in the same day.

Your smile can be improved with a crown

Dental crowns offer protection for the tooth underneath. They also offer a more pleasing appearance for compromised teeth.

Choosing a dental crown may be a matter of necessity or it might be a matter of creating a more pleasing smile.

In either case, the team at Alpha Dental Care will help create the best looking solution with a crown that’s carefully crafted to match your own tooth.

dental crown placed at our Calgary clinic

Why you may need a dental crown

The use of a dental crown can offer a good solution for a number of issues, such as:

  • Root Canal Treatment. Often, depending on the damage to the tooth, a dental crown offers the best option to strengthen a tooth after root canal therapy.
  • Restoration. A dental crown is a common restoration option for teeth that are severely damaged or weak.
  • Cosmetic. In some cases, a crown may be used to improve the appearance of a tooth. This might be the case for a tooth that’s been damaged, is misshapen or discoloured, or is otherwise showing the effects of aging.

We offer one-day appointments with CEREC

getting a dental crown in Calgary

Our Alpha Dental Care team is proud to offer patients the very best in cutting edge dental care.

With our in-office CEREC computer and our goop-free digital impression technology, your dental crown can be computer generated to perfectly fit your mouth.

There’s no need for a second appointment to fit your crown either, because your crown will be fabricated right in our clinic!

The quality of your dental crown will be the same as if it were crafted in a lab, because the crown is designed to exactly fit the measurements of your mouth.

Crowns are made from porcelain to give the best aesthetic match to your natural smile, and the color will match your natural smile.

Considering a dental crown?

If you’ve been considering a dental crown to improve your smile or cover an imperfection in your tooth, we can help … in one visit!

For a convenient and individually made solution to improve your smile, please call or book online to schedule your appointment today.

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