Your Experience at Alpha Dental Care

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Your Experience at Alpha Dental Care

What sets us apart is how we all get along together

Our strongest value is relationships

We greatly value the relationships with patients who have been visiting for years, and between staff members who have worked here for years. And, of course, we see value in creating great relationships with new patients like yourself.

It’s these relationships that truly form the basis of the comfortable experience at Alpha Dental Care.

Beyond the pleasing space that we’ve created inside the clinic, it’s the personable care, the warm inviting introduction for new patients, and the familiar face at your recall appointment that will make you feel appreciated and comfortable at our clinic.

Our strongest responsibility is providing professional dental care

It’s our pledge to create and maintain optimal dental health for every patient, and we’re proud of how we do that. Through years of formal training, ongoing continuing education, and decades of professional experience, we can proudly offer you the complete dental care that you and your family are looking for.

We’re general dentists with specialist interests, and by offering a comprehensive list of dental services we’re confident that you’ll find the right care you need at our clinic.

Our strongest interest … is yours

Above all, we listen. When you book your first appointment at our clinic and sit down with us at your complimentary consultation, what we’re primarily doing is listening.

  • What are your concerns?
  • Do you have short-term or long-term goals in mind?
  • Are you in pain or do you have any fears or hesitations?
  • What made you unhappy about your last dentist?

With this better understanding, we can personalize your experience, discuss options that you have, and proceed with your treatment in a way that you find comfortable.

Our ability to listen is why patients have trusted us with their dental health for years, for routine care, restorative work, or cosmetic improvements. And we’re eager to hear from you as well.

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New Patients Welcome.
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