The Alpha Dental Care Team

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The Alpha Dental Care Team

Dependable, personable and professional

Whether you’re visiting for your first appointment – a complimentary consultation – or you’re getting another routine check-up, the personality of our staff will make your experience a positive one.

The professionalism and deliberate care that we put into your treatment is what will keep you smiling long after your appointment.

We have a saying here at the clinic: you can’t spell “Helping patients achieve optimal dental care in a fun, caring and personable environment” without “The Alpha Dental Care Team!” It’s silly, we know. But while providing top-notch care, we know it’s okay to have a little fun.


There’s nothing like good old teamwork

The eight hygienists we have at Alpha Dental Care combine to over 100 years of experience at this clinic alone.  Our seven dental assistants have worked over 85 years at this clinic.  Suffice to say, we’re like a close-knit family and over that time we’ve created some great relationships with patients and have enjoyed growing together.

By incorporating the latest technologies and procedures, and expanding our knowledge with continuing education, we’re able to give you the smile you deserve in the best way that we can!

You’ll find comfort in our administrative team as well, as they partner with you to handle your insurance and billing, recall schedule, appointment bookings and answer any questions about planning your dental care.

We also have a relaxation therapist that offers complimentary hand and foot massages while your smile is taken care of!


We wouldn’t be here without these dentists

Alpha Dental Care was founded in 1973 in Chinook Centre by Dr. Keith Allan, and since then the clinic has been built on the backs of a great team of general dentists. Learn more about them:

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New Patients Welcome.
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